September 22, 2017

Vilma and Alfred Burgos’ Community Work with the 5K Race and Fitness Walk During the Puerto Rican Festival

The 5K Race and Fitness Walk takes place on Saturday morning during the weekend of the Puerto Rican Festival celebration. It honors the memory of SSGT Javier Ortiz.

Javier Ortiz participated in the first Puerto Rican Festival 5K Race in August of 2010. One month later he was deployed to Afghanistan and in November 2010, Javier was killed in action while leading his platoon of soldiers as a US Marine Staff Sergeant in Afghanistan.

Javier was brought home to Rochester where he was well received by the community. He was eventually laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery. It was his wish to be buried here. Javier was 26 years old.

Javier actually represents all of the fallen soldiers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice defending our Freedom. Javier also brings to light the contribution of Latino Soldiers who have defended America in all of its worldwide conflicts for many years.

Read the complete bio of Javier Ortiz (PDF).

RHBA members Vilma Burgos and Alfred Burgos from Burgos Income Tax have been in the organizing committee of the 5K Race and Fitness Walk for the last few years.


The organizers need your help. They are looking for volunteers to help during the 2012 event. Please contact Al Burgos at



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