October 11, 2017

Hispanic Business Person of the Year Award

The Hispanic Business Person of the Year (HBPOY) award recognizes an individual who has enhanced the Hispanic Community with a significant, positive contribution, or who has otherwise contributed positively to the economic development and business interests of the Hispanic Community in the Greater Rochester area, and who serves as a positive role model. The contribution may be in the arts, athletics, business, government, humanities, music, philanthropy, science, or social services.

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Past Hispanic Business Person of the Year Award winners gather at the 2013 Award Luncheon.

Past Hispanic Business Person of the Year Award winners gather at the 2013 Award Luncheon.


2016   Mercedes Vazquez-Simmons, President of Pretty Girl Promotions

2015    Zury Brown, Owner of El Pilon Criollo Restaurant

2014    Mauricio Riveros, Executive Vice President of The Pike Company

2013     Ines Antonetti-Ferrer, Owner of Ines’ Casa de Hair

2012     Sergio Esteban, CEO of LaBella Associates, P.C.

2011     Emeterio Otero, PhD, Executive Dean, Damon City Campus – Monroe Community College

2010     Carlos Carballada, Commissioner of Neighborhood & Business Development – City of Rochester

2009     Jacklyn Ortiz, State Farm Insurance Agent.

2008     Hiram Hernandez Sr., First Capital Payments.

2007     Juan Contreras, Juan and Maria Empanada Stop.

2006     Fabricio Morales, FM Office Express Inc.

2005     Alfred Burgos, Burgos Income Tax, Inc.

2004     Larry Fuentes, Superior Interior Systems, Inc.

2003     Grace Tillinghast, Eastman Kodak Company

2002     Bera Jurado, State Farm Insurance

2001      Augustin Melendez, Eastman Kodak Company

2000     Eduardo Navarro, EIC Electronics, Inc.

1999      Luis Rivera Velez, Rivera’s Market

1998      Roberto Colangelo, Bausch & Lomb, Inc.

1997      Flor M. Colon, Nixon, Hargrave, Devans, & Doyle LLP

1996      Jose Coronas, Johnson & Johnson Clinical Diagnostics

1995      Emilio Serrano, Ibero-American Investors, Corp.

1994      Valerio Kusminsky, Pittsford Paving

1993      Peter Colon, Goody Goodies

1992      Armando Santiago, American Recycling & Manufacturing

1991      Ed, Dan, and Ron Aponte, Bedrock Construction

1990      Dale Gonzalez, Gonzalez Electric


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