September 21, 2017

Traits of the “Get It Done” Personality

Traits of the “Get It Done” Personality

Guest Writer Grace Tillinghast

Much has been written about people that accomplish goals and stay motivated. People who start with an idea and create a business. Small business that turn into big enterprises. They are the ones who succeed because they share certain traits not common to others.

Robert Sternberg, a psychologist, studied the way people get things done when distractions tug and self doubt creeps in. He has written some forty books and many articles. Ms. Katherine Mangan, in an article published in the Chronicle of Higher Education, summarizes the findings as follows:

* Resilience: The ability to recover from setbacks and cope effectively with stress.

* Grit: Perseverance and passion for challenging long-term goals.

* Conscientiousness: A tendency to be orderly, self-controlled, industrious, responsible, and willing to delay gratification.

* Creativity: The willingness to break with convention, challenge the status quo. and come up with new ideas.

* Focus: The ability to zero in on one things at a time, tune out distractions and avoid multitasking.

* Self regulation: An awareness of what matters and the discipline to avoid temptations and see a task through.

As we at The Battery, our family baseball and softball training business, are getting ready to start our 32nd season, many ask what have we done to stay in business with the ups and downs in the economy. The answer can be found in the above traits! Being industrious, responsible and have a passion for what we do keeps us motivated to offer the best services to our customers.

Baseball or softball anyone?

Grace Tillinghast