September 22, 2017

RHBA Hispanic Business Person of the Year 2006

Fabricio Morales

President and CEO
FM Office Express Inc.

Fabricio Morales, president and CEO of FM Office Express Inc., has been named Hispanic Business Person of the Year by the Rochester Hispanic Business Association.

He will be honored Thursday, Sep. 28, at the group’s annual gala event, designed to recognize Hispanic businessmen and women who have made significant changes in Rochester’s society and economy.

Morales was born in the southeast section of Mexico City in 1958. He attended college in the United States and graduated from Southern Arkansas University with a bachelor’s degree in business management.

Morales acknowledges the importance of being recognized as Hispanic Business Person of the Year and admits that it’s not something he accomplished alone.

I got this recognition thanks to my employees,” Morales said. “If it wasn’t because of them, I wouldn’t be able to do anything. It’s about their dedication, and the great customer service they offer.

It’s a great success for me to see that the business market recognizes that we are a dedicated company that offers a great service and how much we help Rochester’s economy.”

Morales also sees the impact of his business in the Hispanic market. “It’s a big change in U.S. population. Hispanics are the sector that has grown the most in recent years, and our economic contribution to the country is significant,” said Morales.

He also recognizes that in today’s market it is not easy to embrace the task of starting your own business.

Owning your own company doesn’t mean that you don’t have a boss to report to. Everybody is the boss-the employees and the clients-and for some people it’s a big shock when they find that is not easy to manage employees and clients,” Morales said. “I recommend everybody to follow their ideals and dreams and plan a strategy to be able to make them true.”

Article written by Diana Chapoy-Callahan, ConXion Coordinator
Rochester, NY – September 28, 2006