September 21, 2017

Brockport dean outlines scope of business school

Dr. Joy Bhadury, dean of the School of Business Administration and Economics at the College at Brockport, was the guest speaker at the May 16 luncheon of the RHBA at D’Mangu restaurant.

“Please call me Joy,” he immediately told the group after being introduced. Bhadury came to the college nearly a year ago from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. [Read more…]

Kiva Rochester offers unique way to get small business loan

You’ve probably heard of Kickstarter as a crowd-funding way to raise money for your business or start-up. But what about Kiva? [Read more…]

ESL focuses on small biz growth

2016santiago12Members of the RHBA learned about the services and history of ESL Federal Credit Union at the October meeting at D’Mangu restaurant.

Arline Santiago, senior vice president and general counsel for ESL, was joined by Keith Cleary, vice president and director of business banking, and Malik Evans, business growth program manager.

Santiago talked about how ESL’s roots go back to George Eastman, who created Eastman Savings and Loan Association in 1920 to help Eastman Kodak employees get mortgages and succeed in their personal lives. In 1966, that entity became ESL Federal Credit Union. Today ESL has 20 branches in the region and more than 700 employees. ESL has $5.9 billion in assets. The company’s headquarters moved to downtown Rochester six years ago.

Cleary talked about the business banking that ESL has been doing since 2010. ESL is one of the biggest local institutions bank wise.

As business growth program manager, Evans works to help businesses get access to capital and develop business acumen. ESL partners with organizations such as SCORE, PathStone and the Center for Urban Entrepreneurship.
For more information on ESL, go to: ESL

To view the photo gallery from the event, click here.

RHBA Business Lunch October 2016

Gracias Members of ESL Federal Credit Union!

Sincere thanks to Arline Santiago, Malik Evans and Keith Cleary for being the guest speakers at our October Business Lunch at D’Mangu. [Read more…]

RHBA Business Lunch – October 2012

Business Lunch with Angel Estrella

Business Lunch with Angel Estrella, founder and principal of A&R Associates and Estrella Tax Services. [Read more…]

RHBA Business Lunch – August 2012

Business Lunch with Javier Quintana

Business Lunch with Javier Quintana, AVP, Community Office Sales Manager at Canandaigua National Bank & Trust. [Read more…]

RHBA Business Lunch – July 2012

Business Lunch with Mauricio Riveros

Business Lunch with Mauricio Riveros, Vice President of Project Controls at The Pike Company.

[Read more…]

RHBA Business Lunch – June 2012

The conversation with our guest for the June Business Lunch, Ms. Daisy Rivera-Algarin, was very informative. She shared with us the names of some of the local businesses that have received financial assistance from the City, she went about the general process those businesses went through when working with the City’s Economic Development Department and other great recommendations. We also learned about Latinas Unidas and [Read more…]

RHBA Business Lunch – May 2012

Our May business lunch conversation with Mr. Sergio Esteban took us back in time, with stories about historic Rochester buildings and places, and also let us dive into some information on how the Midtown project downtown progressed to today’s status. [Read more…]

RHBA Business Lunch – April 2012


Listening to Dr. Emeterio Otero talk during one of his presentations is always very inspiring and engaging. Having lunch with him is even better.

During our business lunch conversation, Dr. Otero shared with us the reasons behind the decision of the MCC board  [Read more…]

A conversation about Business and Downtown Rochester

This month we are honored to have with us a highly respected member of our community, Dr. Emeterio Otero. Dr. Otero is the Dean of Monroe Community College Damon City Campus. He is also the 2011 RHBA Business Person of the Year.

As a member of the board of the Rochester Downtown Development Corporation (RDDC), Dr. Otero can [Read more…]

RHBA Business Lunch – March 2012

A warm day celebrating the beginning of Spring was a great frame for our second meeting of the Business Lunch series, which took place last March 20th.

Our guest Annette Jiménez , from El Mensajero Católico , lead the conversation, sharing some of the ‘secrets’ to get businesses, and news in general, in the radar of local news organizations. Interesting questions and answers went back and forth at the table, over savory chicken fajitas and taco salads, while [Read more…]

First RHBA Business Lunch – February 2012

Tuesday February 21st, RHBA members and their guests gathered at D’Mangu Restaurant for the first of the Business Lunch Series, an event that will take place the third lunch of the month.

Gathered around the table, we enjoyed of a very lively discussion about the use of mobile technology by retail businesses, in particular the new [Read more…]